SGV: Getting A Bowl of Love at Pho Hai

pho dac biet

pho dac biet


It seems everyone I know has been sick or is sick. I had what I was calling my Christmas cough for well over a month. I was fighting it naturally with lots of soup and a good dose of noodles practically every day for a month. Basically, I hadn’t changed my eating habits– I eat soupy noodles year round. But I did find a new pho spot in the SGV. Garvey Avenue is home to a pho shop every few feet in Rosemead/ South El Monte.

I decided randomly on Pho Hai, noting it looked relatively new. As usual, I ordered pho dac biet, a combination of meats including brisket, rare beef, tripe and tendon. I looked for pho dac biet with meatballs (bo vien) but didn’t find that combination which was odd considering they have just about every combination of meats you can think of.

Once the piping hot bowl arrived, I tasted the broth first. Ahhhh…. ahhh. Take that, you gnarly cold! This soup tasted like love. And I’m sure this would be the magic potion to make my cough from hell go away.

I never put any sauces in my soup since I prefer to dip the meats. I discovered Pho Hai has a lemony chili sauce that I just loved and wanted to slather on everything.

Even though I’m not sick anymore, I want to go back to try the other dishes at Pho Hai. Or maybe I’ll just have another bowl of love.

Pho Hai

9663 E Garvey Ave., Ste 128-129, South El Monte, CA 91733 —  (626) 623-4978


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