SGV: The Red Grain Pork at Monja Taiker

red grain pork

red grain pork

The Noodles Partner and I tackled another noodle shop in the San Gabriel Valley. We braved the horrible SGV traffic and nightmarish parking lot to hit up Monja Taiker, a Taiwanese restaurant known for their red grain pork aka,  BBQ pork most commonly known as char siu. At Monja Taiker, they fry it giving it a lightly crispy texture.

stewed appetizer

assorted stew combination

We started with the an appetizer called “assorted stew combination” which was bean curd, seaweed and pig ear tossed in my favorite ma la sauce, called Chinese red pepper sauce on the menu. It leaves your lips slightly tingling. I thought it was great but my friend doesn’t particularly care for that sensation so be aware when you order this.

dry noodles with red grain pork

dry noodles with red grain pork


We knew the red grain pork was popular but what to get it with- rice, noodle soup or dry? Being noodles fiends, it was an obvious choice- dry noodles! We didn’t want to ruin the crispy texture with soup.

The dry noodles come topped with a bit of pork which didn’t seem like it’d coat all the noodles. But it turned out the noodles are already seasoned.

all mixed in

all mixed in


We really liked this dish and it was a joy to eat. You might end up with slightly more pork to noodles which isn’t a bad thing at all.

tomato beef noodle soup

tomato sauce beef noodle soup


Our server told us the tomato sauce beef noodle soup was the other popular dish at Monja Taiker so that’s what we got. It turned out to be regular Taiwanese beef noodle soup though the broth was a bit lighter. The beef was quite tender and I liked the little bit of spinach. Overall though, I’d return for more dry noodles.


Monja Taiker

8150 Garvey Ave., Ste 101, Rosemead, CA 91770   —  (626) 307-7330


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