Koreatown: Soon Dobu at Mapo

good selection of banchan

good selection of banchan

One night we headed to Koreatown and randomly decided on Mapo. It’s located in a strip mall anchored by a doughnut shop on one end and a KBBQ place at the other. We opted for the middle restaurant, Mapo noting how many people were in the small restaurant.

After we ordered, we were immediately given nine different banchan. Quite the tidy selection ranging from the ubiquitous kimchi to some intriguing potatoes. I loved the greens, mushrooms and seaweed best.

seafood soon dobu

seafood soon dobu


I was trying to figure out Mapo’s specialties but I was lured into getting my favorite soon dobu. They have option with seafood and that was perfect for me. I wasn’t offered an egg which I think would have helped thicken the soup. Otherwise, it was just okay. I rather go to a tofu soup specialist from now like Beverly Soon or SKD.

clams noodle soup

hand rolled noodles soup


My friend ordered the hand rolled noodles soup which came with a light and clean-tasting broth. It had a few shrimp and clams but otherwise it’s mostly just a giant bowl of noodles. Later we realized most people get the soup with the pulled dough morsels.


Mapo Kkak Doo Gee

3611 W 6th St., Los Angeles, CA 90020  —  (213) 736-6668
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