Hollywood: Tanmen and Fried Rice at Atch-Kotch


miso tanmen


Recently I’ve been exploring the strip mall next to Sassafras Saloon. I hit up Pita on Vine and had great falafel. Now I’ve tried Atch-Kotch, a homey Japanese restaurant. The original owners have a sweet and fascinating story and I wanted to support the cute restaurant serving what I call Japanese soul food.

I was going to get regular ramen but Atch-Kotch serves tanmen which is just like ramen but with plenty of veggies. I got the mison tanmen which came with some decent chasu but the highlights was really the insane amount of veggies – beansprouts, corn, cabbage, bamboo, broccoli and event carrots.

shrimp fried rice

shrimp fried rice


I got a combo and chose a small shrimp rice to go with my noodles. It was cooked really well though the shrimp could have been seasoned a bit more.

My only wish is Atch-Kotch stays open later. It’d be a great place to hit after before Sassafras but I’m happy to go back to try other Japanese dishes before bar hopping in Hollywood.


Atch-Kotch Japanese Restaurant

1253 Vine St., Ste 5,  Los Angeles, CA 90038  —  (323) 467-5537
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