DTLA: Fried Chicken and Waffles at Mabel’s

Mabel's is now open

Mabel’s is now open

Mabel’s has finally opened in Downtown Los Angeles. I’ve been waiting for it to open since I first heard about it in the fall of 2013. Every so often I would walk or drive by hoping to see it open. A couple of days ago, I heard it’s in soft opening. I reviewed the menu online before popping over. The menu online is slightly different. It’s a much shorter list now but there is an option for a combo that includes a drink.

Mabel’s is Chef Jason Harley’s restaurant. He has worked as a private chef and was also at Pici and Parq (I loved Parc back in the day– and particularly liked the seafood dishes).

fried chicken and waffle lunch special

fried chicken and waffle lunch special

The combo includes two pieces of chicken, a waffle, a side and a drink. We planned on eating in so it was a bit odd everything came packaged to-go. While I admired the checkered paper, it did become a bit of a nuisance when cutting the waffle, leaving bits of paper everywhere. I recommend getting rid of it first thing.

I found the chicken crispy and quite tasty. Some thought it was a little salty. You get a choice of sauces including two that are made in house. I opted for the sweet Asian chili sauce. I’m not really used to eating fried chicken with sauce but found it an interesting twist. The waffle was quite fluffy, almost cake-like. I did wish the sides were a tiny bit crispier. Also, they don’t give you much sauce for your waffle. I opted for plain ol’ maple syrup but there’s one with spice and another with bacon (!!!). You can get additional sauce for a fee.

I am definitely coming back though. I hope the menu expands to the one online (currently down, I assume they’re tweaking the site) with a chicken sandwich and red velvet waffle.


314 W. Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90015

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