DTLA: Checking Out the Thai Food at Soi 7

tom yum

tom yum soup

I’ve been going to Soi 7 off and on since it opened years ago. I’ve never written about it but always appreciated that I could get a table any time for lunch or dinner. It’s a few doors down from Bottega Louie and though Soi 7 is Thai and Louie is Italian, it has the same sort of cool marble everywhere. Soi which means street in Thai gives nod to the fact it’s on 7th Street, the heart of Downtown Los Angeles’ restaurant row.

I might amble in for lunch and get the lunch special. The tom yum soup is a sure bet. But what to get as an entree…

rolls and wings

blue crab roll and wings


Or if you came in for dinner, it’s fun to start with a round of appetizers. I loved the chicken wings. But I am a chicken wings fiend. The blue crab rolls sounded better than they actually were. They didn’t have enough meaty crab for me.

spicy pork and eggplant

spicy pork and eggplant


Since I love eggplant and I also love pork, picking out the simple stir-fry was a no brainer. It’s served a little bit spicier than say a Chinese stir-fry. But if you want to get the full Thai experience, you can add even more spice to it. Eat this with white rice, of course.

seafood spaghetti

spicy shrimp spaghetti


When we ordered the seemingly innocuous dish, the spicy spaghetti, we had no idea it’d be so good. We chose shrimp as the protein and it was a good choice. I also enjoyed the crunchy snap peas in the dish.

pad thai

pad thai


But back to lunch– noodles it is! Let’s go with pad thai which came with lots of crunchy veggies to give it a nice crunch. I’d add another splash of soy though. And since it was lunch, it even came with a little egg roll.


Soi 7

518 W 7th St., Los Angeles, CA 90014  —  (213) 537-0333
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