DTLA: Thai Food at So Long Hi

Tom Kha soup


I’m so happy So Long Hi took over the old Soi 7 space. I’m a big fan of Sticky Rice (and Sticky Rice 2 for noodles) at Grand Central Market so I was really happy to see a nice sit down restaurant along restaurant row on 7th Street in Downtown Los Angeles. You do have to order from the host and then they’ll find you in either their spacious dining room or out in the beautiful back patio.

green curry with roti


We came in during happy hour so we were able to order a couple of things from the happy hour menu including the green curry that’s served with deliciously light and flaky roti. I would love to try a full order of the green curry next time. I also would like to try the red curry since that tends to be my favorite of the different Thai curries.


Chang beer


As mentioned, it was happy hour so what’s food without a friendly beer? We got Chang, a classic Thai beer. It’s a refreshing lager.

Thai Jerky


We also tried the Thai jerky (you have a choice of beef or pork). This was really great and addictive.

Thai beef salad (yum neua)


Then we moved onto dinner. We had the tom kha soup which is a creamy soup with either a choice of chicken or shrimp. It’s quite the show with the flame keeping the soup warm. I would love to the try the tom saap gadook mu soup next time. I don’t see the spicy-sour pork ribs soup that often. I actually tend to get the tom yum soup  (clear soup with shrimp) which is the base of one of my favorite noodle soups over at Sticky Rice 2.

grilled pork neck (kor moo yang)


I had asked for everything to be fairly mild/ not spicy. I kind of wished for a little bit more spice towards the end but this was easily taken care of with dabs of sauce. This sauce was especially great with the grilled pork neck. It was so juicy.

seafood fried rice


Speaking of noodles, it was highly recommended we get some but I was in the mood for rice. The seafood fried rice was really well done with every grain of rice perfectly separated. It was probably one of the best fried rice dishes I’ve had at a restaurant in a while.

So Long Hi is a great addition to DTLA and I can’t wait to do brunch out on the patio now that the weather has warmed up.


So Long Hi

518 W 7th St., Los Angeles, CA 90014  —  (213) 537-0333
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