Koreatown: Tots and More at Sumo Dog



I checked out Sumo Dog in Koreatown recently. I was in search of their sushi tots but unfortunately they were sold out that evening when I went. However, there is still plenty to eat including the monster Godzilla dog. You have a choice of hot dog with the various signature dogs including pork, beef or vegan. But the Godzilla only comes with the American wagyu dog. It’s a foot long and comes topped with spicy pork chili, slaw and a couple of different sauces. It’s awesome.

tater tots sumo style


I was sad for all of a minute when I realized I couldn’t get sushi tots. Let’s face it, my true love are potatoes and getting tater tots topped with chili is not a bad thing.


loco moco dog


We also decided to try the pork dog with the loco moco. This comes with beef gravy, mushrooms and a sunny side up egg.

The best part of Sumo Dog is it’s right next to Frank N Hank’s bar so you can take your food over there or just check out the dogs after your drinks next door.


Sumo Dog

516 S Western Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90020  —  (213) 375-7755

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