DTLA: Checking Out Thai Comfort Food at Sticky Rice

Sticky Rice at Grand Central Market

Sticky Rice at Grand Central Market

Grand Central Market in Downtown Los Angeles is upping their game with a slew of new stalls opening. A new food option is Sticky Rice which opened a couple of months ago. With a limited menu, the Thai food stall has a few seats facing the open kitchen. Since there weren’t any seats at the time, my friend and I opted to take our lunch to-go.

I would have loved to have gotten the Issan sausage as a starter and maybe split a curry but we can’t always be little piggies. I had to keep in mind it was a workday lunch and decided on the one perfect thing.

Hainan chicken

Hainan chicken // Khao Mon Gai

I’ve been on a Hainan chicken kick of sorts. It began with trying to find out why this simple dish of chicken and rice was so popular to discovering who had the best dish. Most think of Savoy for Hainan chicken and they wouldn’t be wrong. I have now decided I like the chili sauce from Savoy, the rice from Nha Trang but the best chicken and rice (also known as khao mon gai) I’ve had is Sticky Rice’s. It’s so velvety soft. If all chicken was like, I would probably eat more chicken. I’m already hatching plans to bring these three elements- chicken, rice and sauce together from these places. And I do like the addition of soup in the Thai versions of this dish.

There will be more DTLA lunches at this spot but how can I move on to try other dishes if this chicken wasn’t so perfect and crave-able?

Sticky Rice at Grand Central Market

317 S Broadway, Ste C-4-5, Los Angeles, CA 90013  —  (626) 872-0353

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