DTLA: Lunch at Valerie Grand Central Market

fried chicken sandwich

fried chicken sandwich


Sometimes I hit up the Grand Central Market for lunch without knowing what I want to eat exactly. I’ll wander around thinking I can’t possibly eat at Sticky Rice again (it really is one of my faves) or maybe I feel like tacos or pupusas… then one day I decided to get that fried chicken sandwich at Valerie’s.

It’s served cold which I now realize is probably fine for most people. I actually don’t mind cold fried chicken but I realize I LOVE hot and juicy fried chicken fresh out of the fryer. So there’s that.

Valerie’s is filled with roughly chopped veggies, some pieces were almost too big for the sandwich. It does come with some pickles which are very, very sour. Great for me, maybe not so great if you’re into half-sours or don’t like tart things at all. I do appreciate it though because I love a good pickle and get so sad when one has to pay for one to go with their sandwich (cough, Wexler’s).

cookie from Valerie's

cookie from Valerie’s


Don’t forget to grab a pastry or cookie on the way out.

Grand Central Market has a slew of new spots now so I’ll be back for falafel, mariscos and more!

Valerie at Grand Central Market

317 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013  —  (213) 621-2781

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