SGV: Vietnamese Noodles at Nha Trang That’s Not Pho

tomato & crab

tomato & crab // bun rieu

I had a chance to nab my noodles partner for a meal before she headed to London for a trip. We chose Nha Trang, a Vietnamese cafe with a 5-item menu. Well, that’s not quite true, there are also 5 drink choices. It’s like In N Out but unlike the burger chain, Nha Trang didn’t seem to have a secret menu. I knew I wanted to get the bun rieu, tomato and crab noodles soup. My friend was going to get bun bo hue, the spicy beef noodles. But as mentioned in my recent post for Wat Dong Moon Lek, I’ve been on this kick to understand what makes a good Hainanese chicken dish. I asked my noodles partner if she wanted to split the rice dish. Of course she wanted to. She is always looking for something better than Savoy.

Hainan chicken- Vietnamese style

Hainan chicken- Vietnamese style


I found the chicken tastier though I preferred the sauces from other places. My favorite of this dish was the ginger in the rice which was perfectly oiled. Now if only I can find the place that has the perfect everything- chicken, rice, dip.

spicy beef

spicy beef // bun bo hue


As for the noodles, we didn’t get pho which is one of the items of the extremely limited menu. Maybe next time. I enjoyed the bun rieu with crab and tomato. The broth was mild but the real draw were rice vermicelli noodles. They were springy and didn’t get soggy even sitting in soup for a bit (hey, I was eating the rice, too!). Once I dressed my bowl with plenty of bean sprouts and herbs, I dug into this bowl which was quite welcome after a night of bar hopping.

My noodles partner isn’t inclined towards tomato so she stuck to her bowl of bun bo hue. She gave me all the tendons, blood cubes and other bits she didn’t eat. Once she settled into her bowl, she was delighted by the spice level. I was worried about the insane spiciness but it turned out to be just enough. We are going to test my tolerance soon since I’ve been eating more spicy food.

The service is great and your food practically arrives instantly. I loved that our drinks were constantly refilled as well. I do recommend parking on the street though or else your car could get blocked in the lot by trucks making their deliveries.

Nha Trang

742 E Garvey Ave., Unit A, Monterey Park, CA 91755  —  (626) 288-8825
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