Century City: Angel’s Envy Bourbon at the InterContinental Los Angeles Hotel

Boulevardier with Angel's Envy bourbon

Barrel-aged Boulevardier with Angel’s Envy bourbon


The InterContinental hotel in Century City is celebrating with Angel’s Envy this month which has pledged to plant an American white oak tree for every hashtag #ae4thetrees used this month. To help, the Intercontinental is offering pours of Angel’s Envy bourbon, rye and their own blend as well as Angel’s Envy cocktails including the barrel-aged Boulevardier (Angel’s Envy bourbon, Campari, sweet vermouth) at the Lobby Bar.

duck confit mac and cheese

duck confit mac and cheese

Executive Chef Jonathan Wood who helped choose the special blend is also offering bites with Angel’s Envy. We loved the duck confit mac and cheese. The Angel’s Envy bourbon glazed crawfish was also a hit. And don’t leave without getting maple bacon doughnut!


Wes Henderson, Angel's Envy Master Distiller

Wes Henderson, Angel’s Envy Master Distiller


Wes Henderson, Angel’s Envy master distiller, continues his father Lincoln Henderson’s legacy. He recounted how he recently tasted their bourbon against one of the first bottles by his dad and he said it was an exact replica.

blending session

blending session


You might think then why would you want your own blend? Well, it’s fun of course but also something unique. It still taste like Angel’s Envy, there’s no doubt about it but it’s just different enough to call your very own. Chef Jonathan Wood told us he and two others came up with the InterCon’s blend.

We got to try it out ourselves by blending in different rations of the distillates. There were enough of us to split up into three teams. First you taste the three distillates individually. We liked one in particular and tried to use almost all of it in our first blend but surprisingly it didn’t taste like what we thought we would. So we adjusted it by the second blend. For the fun of it, we went the opposite direction and did a blend featuring the distillate we didn’t love as much as the others. We called our final product “Boyz to Bourbon” and we submitted that master distiller Wes and other judges. And we won!

Boyz to Bourbon

Boyz to Bourbon


While you can’t buy our blend, you can get the InterCon’s blend at either a pour or buy a bottle there ($65). So tweet or instagram away and don’t forget the #ae4thetrees hashtag. You’ll be saving the future of American whiskey with every planted American white oak tree.


InterContinental Los Angeles 

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