New Orleans: Muffuletta at Central Grocery

Central Grocery's muffuletta

Central Grocery’s muffuletta


There are two muffuletta camps in the French Quarter. Those who go to Verti Marte because it’s open all night and the daytime crowd that hits up Central Grocery. I was first introduced to a real NOLA muffuletta at Verti Marte years ago and would have gone back if I hadn’t asked about Central Grocery. The key is the bread. Central Grocery’s bread holds up against the olive salad. It also tasted fresher and was really quite wonderful.

I felt kind of silly I had the muffuletta at The Grocery the day before. It really doesn’t compare. The Grocery’s was good but not amazing like Central Grocery’s. Get something else at The Grocery.

I just needed a quarter

I just needed a quarter


The thinly sliced Italian deli meats, the olive spread, that huge bread… oh, it was a good sandwich. I had just a quarter of the muffuletta. It is well worth its price. It could have fed all four of us– don’t each get a sandwich because you’ll just curse the lack of refrigeration in your hotel room. Next time I’m going to figure out a way to bring this Central Grocery muffuletta onto my plane ride home.


Central Grocery

923 Decatur St., New Orleans, LA 70116  —  (504) 523-1620
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