Whisky Live Returns to Los Angeles November 6

A favorite Scotch

Ardbeg, a favorite Scotch


Whisky Live returns to Los Angeles on November 6. The whisky show features over 150 different whiskies to be tasted! This year, the show is at the Lowes Hollywood Hotel.

Tickets start at $20 for master classes and the general admission ticket is $133 (includes a $4 transaction fee). This price includes a buffet dinner, tasting glass and live entertainment. The VIP ticket is $40 more and includes everything from the general admission ticket plus an one-year magazine subscription to Whisky Magazine.

huge crowds, get there early

huge crowds, get there early


With over 150 whiskies, it’s good to have a strategy. I tend to work one end of the room to the other. Sometimes I might survey the room first and figure out what I really want to try.

This year I’d like to do a Japanese whisky group and go for Hakushu, Hibiki and Yamazaki. Or maybe an Irish whiskey grouping and try Connemara, Greenore, Kilbeggan, Tyrconnell and all the whiskies from Midleton– I hope there’s Redbreast 21 in my future.

catch the cool new whiskies available on the market now like Stranahan's

catch the cool new whiskies available on the market now like Stranahan’s


Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey recently came back into the market so it was nice to get a taste at Whisky Live.

cool "decor" (I want it!)

cool “decor” (I want it!)


Perhaps one day I’ll learn how to distill (legally, of course!) but in the meantime, I covet the mini stills– strictly for decorative purposes only.


Sonoma County Distilling

Sonoma County Distilling

It’s always cool to see new local (well, local to California) spirits like Sonoma County Distilling.


Corbin Cash

Corbin Cash


Corbin Cash has been coming up with a lot of interesting spirits. They have a rye and I recently tasted their Sweet Potato liqueur which really reminds me of a bourbon.

I’m looking forward to discovering new spirits and trying new line extensions at this year’s Whisky Live.


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Whisky Live – Los Angeles

Lowes Hollywood Hotel

1755 N Highland Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90028  —  (323) 856-1200
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