DTLA: Luxury in a Caviar and Lox Bagel at Wexler’s Deli




Recently I got delivery from Wexler’s Deli. I’ve gone to Grand Central Market plenty of times for their pastrami and always wondered about their breakfast. I’m really glad I got the KGB, a bagel with lox and caviar. That’s right the hand cut and smoked salmon comes with lots and lots of caviar. It was damn near as luxurious as you can get on a Wednesday afternoon.

The texture of the everything bagel was fabulous. It was chewy like a bagel should be and the flavor went really well with the fish, cream cheese and delightful caviar.

Add in pickles, chips, cole slaw and potato salad, this might be my “breakfast for lunch” new ideal.. or until I get someone to go with me to Wexler’s and I steal a bite of their pastrami.

Wexler’s Deli

Grand Central Market

317 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013  — (213) 624-2378
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