Las Vegas: Dinner and Drinks at Rose.Rabbit.Lie.

Widow's Kiss

Widow’s Kiss


I’ve heard so much about Rose.Rabbit.Lie. which opened at the Cosmopolitan a few years ago. I checked it out with a few others and I’m glad my group loved exploring the menu. We ordered a range of  small plates and entrees to share. Since it’s been some time since I went, the menu has most likely changed but hopefully it’s still creative and solid cooking.

I started with one of my favorite cocktails, the Widow’s Kiss. I pretty much love anything with Benedictine or Chartreuse so it’s always fun to get a drink with both.

Widow’s Kiss – apple brandy, Benedictine, Yellow Chartreuse, bitters

singer at Rose.Rabbit.Lie.

singer at Rose.Rabbit.Lie.


Entertainment at Rose.Rabbit.Lie. is stellar. It’s more of a variety act now rather than one staged show. At any time, you could see singers, dancers, musicians and more. This is good for those who want to just enjoy a drink or have a meal without concentrating too much on a storyline with a plot.

pear and bleu cheese salad

Bartlett pear and butter lettuce salad


I’m always impressed with restaurants outside of California who gets good produce. This pear and butter lettuce salad with bleu cheese was great.

herb brioche rolls

herb brioche rolls


I don’t normally order bread but my dinner party wanted the herb brioche rolls. I’m glad we got them because they came out warm with good butter.


spinach and mushroom salad

warm Bloomsdale spinach salad


As mentioned, the produce is good so the Bloomsdale spinach and grilled shitake mushrooms salad was really tasty. I loved that it was served warm.


Widow's Kiss

One Night in Amsterdam

There are several rooms at Rose.Rabbit.Lie. and in one room, we had drinks after dinner. I had the One Night in Amsterdam. Since I already had a brown, bitter, stirred cocktail earlier, I gave the “lighter” drink a shot– I think lighter because it’s made with genever but really, it’s a careful study of boozyness. It’s layers of spirits spiked with a little fresh green chile. It was very balanced and I liked the floral Parfait Amour liqueur as well.

One Night in Amsterdam – Bols genever, Pierre Ferrand 1840 cognac, long green chile, Parfait Amour, maraschino, absinthe

crispy calamari

crispy calamari


I can’t help but order seafood everywhere and the crispy calamari was top notch. Really unusual flavors of green curry and lemongrass. I also really liked the eggplant “chips” and was delighted everything was fried well– meaning nothing was greasy.

beef tartare

steak tartare


Beef tartare is one of those dishes I don’t think of ordering myself but it turns out generally a good idea. At RRL, this steak tartare was a GREAT idea. Loved the cornichons.


pancetta burger


The pancetta burger was really fanciful with avocado-jalepeno relish and a fried egg. I also liked the white cheddar. Plus the burger was juicy. Really, I could come back for a burger and a cocktail and I’d be set. Oh, and a salad because we are healthy (damnit!).


Rumble in the Jungle

Rumble in the Jungle


The other drink I had was the Rumble in the Jungle. At one point, LA’s Faith and Flower was affiliated with RRL in Vegas. I always thought it was interesting they both have clarified drinks. The Rumble in the Jungle was very balanced and had an Asian flavor profile with the clarified Thai milk tea. I thought the spirits base of cachaca was a great choice.

Rumble in the Jungle – Leblon cachaca, El Dorado 12 Year rum, cassia bark, clarified Thai milk tea, bamboo

duck confit pasta

duck confit pasta


The duck confit pasta was gobbled up in no time.

beef strognaoff

short rib stroganoff


The server and even one of the performers said the beef stroganoff was the best. And it was really good. I am glad it’s not the usual creamy sauced stroganoff. This thick short ribs were so tender. I can see why it’s a staff favorite.

crispy chicken

crispy chicken


We were getting so full but I’m glad we tried the crispy chicken. Like the calamari, it was fried really well. We also liked the potato and scallion puree. And some shaved black truffles didn’t hurt.




Mont Blanc


For dessert, we had the wonderful Mont Blanc. I’m a big fan of chestnut so this was a great way to end our meal.


at the Cosmopolitan

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