DTLA: Dinner and Cocktails at Miro

Affinity and Amaretto Sour

Affinity and Amaretto Sour


I recently checked out Miro, a new restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles. We started with a couple of cocktails as we perused the dinner menu that covered all the basics and then some.

I’m always in a Manhattan variation mood and gave Affinity a whirl. It’s a perfect (both sweet and dry vermouths) Rob Roy (a Scotch Manhattan with only sweet vermouth) topped with orange bitters.

My friend had the Amaretto Sour which we were told was the Jeffrey Morganthaler modern interpretation of the drink which includes whiskey!


meat and cheese board

meat and cheese board


You’re able to mix and match cured meats and cheeses to create a custom meat and cheese board. To make things easier, we described the kinds of cheeses and meat we like to our server who put together a nice selection for us.


bread service


If you order the bread service, it includes focaccia and house-churned butter. I also enjoyed dipping the bread into the local olive oil.


beet salad

roasted beet salad


When you want a salad and your friend wants more cheese, the roasted beet salad is the way to go. You get a nice selection of beets on top of creamy burrata.

burrata with stone fruit and proscuitto

wood grilled peaches with burrata and house cured  ham


Really, we could not get enough of burrata so we got the wood-grilled peaches with burrata and house cured ham. The sweet and savory notes were hitting all the points tonight.

Daiquiri and Old Cuban

Hemingway Daiquiri and Old Cuban



During dinner, we tried out the Hemingway Daiquiri and the Old Cuban. I always remember Old Cubans fondly because I first had one in London years ago. Rum makes an excellent beverage companion to our food.


wood-grilled octopus


Originally we were told they were out of the wood-grilled octopus which sounded so enticing on the menu. So we ordered the garganelli with braised octopus. Sometime later we were told they did have the wood-grilled octopus after all so we got all the octopus. I’m always happy to eat those tentacles!



garganelli with braised octopus



As mentioned we did get the garganelli with the braised octopus. While I found the wood-grilled octopus a little chewier, the braised octopus was perfect. I also liked how al dente the pasta was. I’m thinking about trying the spaghetti bolognese next time. Or perhaps the trofie which spicy sausage with broccoli and burrata.



lamb kofta tangine


We asked the server would it be too saucy to get both the lamb kofta (meatballs) and the Portuguese shellfish stew. He didn’t think so and encouraged us to get both since he felt they were different enough dishes.

The sauce for the meatballs was really wonderful while the meatballs themselves were just slightly underseasoned. More the reason to eat the meatballs with sauce!



Portuguese shellfish stew


I had an excellent time shucking all the shellfish in the Portuguese shellfish stew. My favorite thing is to rid all the shellfish of its shells and then enjoy the hearty stew. Some of the clams were enormous! The shells were almost as big as the mussels.

Miro has a bar downstairs as well as a special room they’re calling the Whiskey Library. More on that soon.


888 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90017  —  (213) 988-8880

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