Buellton: Dinner at Industrial Eats




On the way back from our day trip in Santa Barbara, we stopped at Industrial Eats in Buellton. It’s obviously a locals favorite but we managed to find one of the last remaining tables inside. It’s one of those order at the counter, grab a number and wait for deliciousness deals. While my friends went to look for a table, I probably over-ordered. Never leave me to order if you don’t want to take home leftovers.

I got some of my favorite things like meatballs and mussels. I was tempted by a few things including a sandwich (it looked like a place that could do a mean sandwich) but we decided to get a pizza.

The meatballs came out “deconstructed” so I got my sandwich wish anyway by happily making myself an open-faced meatball sandwich.




The mussels were some of the most memorable I’ve had this year. We loved the tangy citrus with the shellfish.


proscuitto pizza


I’m a simple pizza gal. I like mushroom or sausage but will flirt with other toppings. Proscuitto falls into a classic category that you can’t go wrong with. Really fresh arugla also helps with the peppery flavor.




And I can’t have a lopsided meal so I balanced everything out with some veg. I decided the squash looked great and we were very happy with the simple grilled preparation.

Industrial Eats is definitely worth seeking out if you’re out wine tasting, craft beer crawling or spirits tasting at nearby Ascendant Spirits.

Industrial Eats

181 B Industrial Way, Buellton, CA 93427  — (805) 688-8807
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