West Hollywood: Spanish Tapas at BCN

jamon sandwich

jamon serano sandwich


Late last month I went to BCN, a Spanish fast casual spot in West Hollywood. It’s the sort of place you can grab a ham sandwich and day dream while looking out to Santa Monica Boulevard.

A friend and I ordered the jamon serano bikini (pressed sandwich). The ham was pressed with portobello mushrooms and truffle aioli. I liked it though it can get a bit greasy so grab some extra napkins. We had debated the short ribs bocata (sandwich) which the counter guy said was really popular. We’ll have to keep it in mind for next time.


fried squid


We also shared the fried squid (calamares). These were tender and great. Sometimes I worry a fast casual spot would over fry the squid making the rings tough but these were quite nice.

patatas bravas

patatas bravas


Next time I’d like to build a meal around the tapas. Maybe get the grilled shrimp and croquettes. Both the mushroom and chicken croquettes sounded great. But I know we’d definitely order the potatoes bravas again. With tapas, that’s almost a must.

They didn’t seem to have any wine or beer so it didn’t quite set the mood but BCN is a cozy spot to hang out at for a casual meal.


8719 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90069  — (310) 358-9698

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