Frogtown: Hidden Treasure at Elysian LA

Weather Up, Felix & Oscar


I was a little bit dumbfounded when I got to Elysian. They’ve been open for five years but I just went for the first time a few weeks ago. I’ve always known it’s great for brunch and is a beautiful venue for outdoor events. However, they just opened a bar and now it’s very comfortable to sit inside for dinner or hang out in the large lounge.

We cozied up to the bar for some drinks and bites.

The two of us tackled 5 of the 8 drinks on the menu which isn’t bad at all. I’ll just have to get back over there to try the other three. I loved the Weather Up but I can’t and won’t resist drinks with Fernet Branca. Elysian’s version with creme de peche liqueur and beet was very interesting. I also liked the cheeky Felix and Oscar. It’s described a bit like a Scotch pina colada.

Weather Up – Fernet Branca, peach liqueur, beet, lemon

Felix and Oscar – blended scotch whisky, coconut, all spice, cinnamon, star anise, orange, pineapple, lemon

mixed pickles


I love pickles and Elysian’s mixed pickles are so good with romanesco, radish and carrots.

Golden Hour


I’ve been interested in trying the new Amaro Angeleno. It’s produced here in Los Angeles and Elysian mixes it with their snap-pea infused white whiskey and pear brandy. It was a good drink to start with before dinner. The Angeleno was not as bitter as some Italian amari and that sweetness really revs up the appetite.

Golden Hour – snap pea-infused white whiskey, pear brandy, Amaro Angeleno

chicken wings


I was torn between getting the chicken wings or the chicken liver. In the end, getting our hands dirty won out. I’m glad we got the wings as they were very tender and I loved the sauce and slaw.




When I saw puntarelle on the menu, I didn’t immediately remember why it seemed so familiar. But once it was described as a green, I remember chefs being obsessed with it. Elysian is very much farmer market driven and I can see how this all came together as it was spotted. It’s served as a salad with burrata and anchovy in a wonderful salsa verde.

Indian Summer


Covering all the seasons, we got the Indian Summer which made me momentarily forget Spring only just sprung. The beautiful warm cocktail heats up any cool evening.

Indian Summer – rye whiskey, pear liqueur, amaro


ricotta gnocchi


The ricotta gnocchi was a great dish to serve with our light seafood pick for dinner. Served with pine nuts, Parmesan, greens and peas, it’s another wonderful dish.


Winter in Oaxaca


And as we are just hitting spring and longing for summer, we can’t forget winter gives us wonderful citrus. I enjoyed the Winter in Oaxaca featuring kumquat shrub and mixed with my favorite mezcal and Campari.

Winter in Oaxaca – mezcal, Campari, kumquat shrub, lime


squid and Santa Barbara ridgeback prawns


The Santa Barbara ridgeback shrimp are actually technically prawns. They are some of the smallest prawns but so tender and tasty. I also loved the squid.

basque cake


If there was ever a point in my mostly savory forward life to turn into a dessert lover, this Basque cake is a compelling reason. I almost want you to get dessert first. Hell, maybe I would get dessert first if I see this on the menu and fear it selling out.

So, the plan is: Basque cake, dinner, cocktails. Done, done and done. Next time, brunch!


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