Mid-City: Scott Conant’s Spaghetti is Now at The Ponte

Spaghetti Pomodoro


The Ponte from chef Scott Conant and restauranteur Stephane Bombet opened a little over a month ago. The first thing everyone asks about is if that “famous spaghetti” is on the menu. Yes, of course it is. And the spaghetti pomodoro is as delicious as ever.

In a town where people can’t get enough of Italian food, it’s good to see something solid taking over the old Terrine space.

Negroni flight


The Negroni flight is a great way to try the different variations of Negronis The Ponte has. I liked the Mezcal Negroni with El Silencio mezcal quite a bit. In addition to the Campari, there’s Alpe LYS (alpine liqueur), Cocchi Dopo Teatro and Punt e Mes.

The traditional one is made with Occitan gin, Bombay dry gin, Campari and Alessio Vermouth di Torino.

The white is like the traditional with the Occitan gin and Bombay dry gin but Campari is replaced with Kina L’Avion (L’ero D’or) and Salers aperitif. Beverage Director Ryan Wainwright uses Bordiga Extra Dry vermouth as the vermouth.


We got the veal and pork polpette (meatballs) right away. My dining partner and I are big fans and I loved the semolina pudding that came with the dish.




We also got the wood roasted prawns. The dish was served with a squid ink farro with bits of actual squid. It was a lovely seafood appetizer but could serve as a light meal if pair it with a vegetable.

polenta with mushrooms


The Ponte sent out the polenta with mushrooms. I had secretly wanted to order it but felt we may have gotten too much. I’m glad they didn’t think so.


drinks at the Ponte


The cocktail list is of course Italian inspired. I liked the Scalatore Spritz which is a nice alternative to an Aperol Spritz. I thought it is more bitter (which I love!) and of course it does use one of my favorite amari, Braulio.

I also digged the Ospite Amaro which is very much what I think an Italian grandmother (or grandfather!) would drink if they like Manhattans.

Scalatore Spritz –  vodka, Amaro Braulio, Vergano Chinato, orange, lemon, prosecco

Ospite Amaro – Wild Turkey 101 rye whiskey, Lucano Anniversario, Cocchi Dopo Teatro, Alessio Chinato vermouth, bitters

shishito peppers


We thought about getting the potatoes but with two pasta dishes, I’m glad we got the shishito peppers. The side dish would also make a good starter.

duck agnolotti


Did we really need another pasta if we got the spaghetti pomodoro? Of course! We got the duck agnolotti with foie gras emulsion. I repeat, foie gras. Such delectable bites.



I was debating between the branzino or the trout but it turned out they only had the branzino. I’m glad we got this fish as the skin was extremely crispy and it came with the most wonderfully caramelized Cippolini onions and a few clams.

banana budino


We couldn’t leave without dessert so we tried the banana budino. It was a sweet ending to a jubilant meal.

The Ponte

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