Hollywood: All The New Drinks on Sassafras Saloon’s Menu

Sex on the Bayou


Sassafras Saloon, the New Orleans style bar in Hollywood has done it again with a new cocktail list. Since my last run down well over a year ago, Sassafras introduced a brand new list a few weeks ago just in time to celebrate Mardi Gras. But really, the drinks are so good, you’ll want them all the time rather than just Fat Tuesday.

Sex on the beach? Nah, get Sex on the Bayou. This easy sipper with wonderful flavors of peach, strawberry and absinthe gets you in the mood.

Sex on the Bayou – Absolut Elyx vodka, Giffard peach liqueur, strawberry basil shrub, citrus, Pernod absinthe

LA Power Sour


I’m a big fan of egg white drinks and the LA Power Sour is a nice one with the tartness of cranberry.

LA Power Sour – Rutte dry gin, cranberry, egg white, citrus, Sassafras bitters



If you can actually get to New Orleans, the Hurricane at Sassafras is your Calgon “take me away” moment. The very tall drink has three types of rum so watch out!

Hurricane – Cana Brava rum, Appleton Estate rum, Mount Gay Black Barrel rum, passion fruit, citrus, Angostura bitters

Panama Select


Or get the more genteel but no less of a punch, Panama Select. This was one of my favorites on the current list. I realize I’m a sucker for Fernet Branca and I thought I’ve have had it in many ways but mixing it with rum and pineapple worked really well.

Panama Select – Cana Brava 7-year rum, Fernet Branca, pineapple, honey, ginger, lemon

The Big Easy

When it gets hot in the bayou (such a prettier word than ‘swamp’), get the thirst quencher, The Big Easy. I like the combination of bourbon, Campari and apricot.

The Big Easy – Ancient Age bourbon, Campari, Giffard apricot liqueur, citrus, Miracle Mile orange bitters, Fee Brothers peach bitters

Pimms No. 1933

I love that Sassafras has a house made Pimms which they make with Aviation gin as the base.

Pimms No. 1933– house made Pimms (Aviation gin), fig, vanilla, citrus, mint, sparkling water

Baked Apple Old Fashioned

I’m a brown, bitter, stirred girl generally and the Baked Apple Old Fashioned fits the bill with a little amaro Montenegro.

Baked Apple Old Fashioned – Ancient Age bourbon, Amaro Montenegro, Liquid Alchemist spiced apple, Fee Brothers whiskey barrel aged bitters

Hamilton’s Cream Soda


I loved the Hamilton’s Cream Soda aka A Kin to Cream Soda which is a combination of a Ramos Gin Fizz and cream soda mash up. Featuring Kin white whiskey and Chareau aloe liqueur, this is a very LA-centric drink.

Hamilton’s Cream Soda aka “A Kin to Cream Soda” – Kin white whiskey, Chareau Aloe Liqueur, Bittermens orange cream citrate, house made cream soda

Christoper Oaxacan


I imagine Christopher Walken wandering into Sassafras one evening and seeing the Christopher Oaxacan and exclaiming…”hey, is that me?!” Yes, that’s some bitters art featuring the famous actor.

Christopher Oaxacan – Tequila ocho, El Silencio mezcal, cacao a la vanille, habanero chile, smoked sea salt, cream, Scrappy’s chocolate bitters

I always have fun at Sassafras. Between the live band, cool back room and beautiful sexy long bar in the front, it’s a rocking good time.

Sassafras Saloon

1233 N Vine St., Los Angeles, CA 90038  —  (323) 467-2800
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