Pasadena: Late Night Eats at Du-Par’s

Monte Cristo


A couple of weeks ago after a concert in Pasadena, my friend and I stopped into Du-Par’s on Lake Avenue. Despite being in a sleepy part of town, the bar at Du-par’s was packed! We sat in the back dining room where the fire place was however.

My friend was in a breakfast mood and got the chicken fried steak with sunny side up eggs and hash browns (not shown) as well as a Bloody Mary.

I was seeking soup (chicken noodle!) and was ultimately torn about getting chicken fried steak (the dinner plate) or the Monte Cristo sandwich. In the end, I got the massive Monte Cristo which comes on French toast with raspberry jam on the side. I could barely eat a quartet of the sandwich which also came with loads of fries. You really do need that jam since the French toast tends to be a little bit drier. I think my (giant) cup of chicken noodle had put me over the edge.

I do love diner food and am glad there is at least this option for late night eats in Pasadena.

We didn’t have room for pie but maybe one night when I haven’t stuffed myself with a semi-sweet and savory meal.


Du-Par’s Restaurant & Bakery

214 S Lake Ave., Pasadena, CA 91101 —  (626) 405-8820
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