Koreatown: All the Drinks at The Venue

This Must Be The Place


The Venue in Koreatown opened about two months ago. The noraebang (karaoke) spot features not only pretty fun private rooms to sing in but has a dining room and bar. Once you find The Venue just off Wilshire and Normandie, head in for a drink or two.


All the drinks including Seana in the pineapple


Your Instagram is going to be populated with drinks in copper pineapples but the one to get here is the Seana, which is named after one of the owners.

Seana – Absolut elyx vodka, Yellow Chartreuse, eucalyptus, lemon, passion fruit, Angostura bitters

La La Land


The film La La Land won big this year at the Oscars and it’s a hit at the Venue too.

La La Land – chicory smoked Bacardi superior rum, Giffard banana liqueur, pineapple, lime


Across the Line


One of the gorgeous drinks on the menu is the Across the Line. I like the tartness provided by both pomegranate and hibiscus backed by tequila.

Across the Line – Altos reposado tequila, pomegranate, hibiscus, elderflower foam, rhubarb bitters


snack tower


The Venue kindly sent out a snack tower for the group that included fried mac and cheese, chicken romoulade and a mix of both sweet potato and regular fries.


Stop Screaming


What I really liked about The Venue is you’re going to have a good time. The Stop Screaming drink will be sure to get the party started.

Stop Screaming – Old Overholt rye whiskey, plum, spiced pear, plum bitters

Mic Drop


And if the Stop Screaming didn’t do its job, there’s also the very delicious Mic Drop. It was my favorite drink on the menu. Despite its pinkness, it’s actually not too sweet. That’s because the apertif wine, Bonal Gentiane Quina, does a good job of balancing out everything.

Mic Drop – New Amsterdam gin, Bonal Gentiane Quina apertif, raspberry, lime


farro toast


I’m glad The Venue has some healthy eats options including this farro toast.

Nonna’s meatballs


Chef Kayson Chong said if he had a nonna, these would be her meatballs. I can’t resist a good meatball. Really nice sauce. If you somehow still have toast left over, it’s great to dip it in here!


Serrano y Los Dinos


My other favorite drink on the menu is the very Spring-like Serrano y Los Dinos featuring grapefruit, Thai basil, mint and serrano chile. I love that all spirits are represented here from vodka to rum to tequila to whiskey. And this one is a great tequila one.

Serrano y Los Dinos – Altos blanco tequila, serrano chile, Thai basil, mint, lime, grapefruit


Back Room


The Back Room comes with some bitters art. That little guy is the logo and drawn by none other than Seana. If you like whiskey sours, this is the drink for you.

Back Room – Dewars Scotch whisky, chamomile, lemon, Creole bitters

For those who want to go on a mini bar hop in the area, I’d either start or end at the Venue, hop over to the Line Hotel for Break Room 86  Pot Bar or Commissary then head over to Normandie Club and The Walker Inn. For other Ktown favorites, you could also hit up HMS Bounty, Escala and Cafe Bleu which are also nearby.

The Venue

3470 Wilshire Blvd., Ste B1, Los Angeles, CA 90010  —  (213) 221-1251

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