Koreatown: New Menu and Drinks at The Venue



Recently The Venue switched things up by introducing food by Chef Nick Erven. I have always liked Chef Nick’s food from his time at the now-closed St. Martha. I haven’t made it out to his eponymous Erven restaurant in Santa Monica but I’m glad to have his food back in Koreatown.

Beverage consultant Devon Espinosa has also introduced some new drinks to the menu. I believe these are his best cocktails yet.

I tried all four new drinks starting with the Throwback. I’m always a fan of whiskey drinks with Green Chartreuse. This was a nice version that wasn’t too cloying.

Throwback – rye, Cognac, Green Chartreuse, Carpano Antica sweet vermouth, Angostura bitters

chips and wasabi guacamole


I had chips and guac that day during lunch but who can resist more for dinner? The guac here has a spicy bite from wasabi.

fried ramen eggs


There’s no ramen at The Venue (yet ???) but there are ramen eggs that are topped with uni. Yum.

pork ribs


I was talking about Chef Nick about his brisket that I miss dearly but until I get that beef again, I’ll settle for some delicious pork ribs.

Find Your Note

For a fun margarita variation, this Find Your Note, is a good bet with mezcal.

Find Your Note –  mezcal, Combier orange liqueur, lemon, pineapple, Tajin

confit karaage wings


It’s like Chef Nick tapped directly into my brain and realized I needed these confit karaage wings. Oh man, do I ever love chicken wings and done Japanese fried chicken style? I’m in.

salmon tataki lettuce wraps


For the healthy set, the salmon tataki lettuce wraps are a fun way to share appetizers.

Groupie Pass

Another winner was the Groupie Pass. I can always tell a Devon Espinosa drink because he’s fond of Bonal. The gentian flavored liqueur is a good low ABV cocktail.

Groupie Pass – Bonal Gentiane Quina, Combier orange liqueur, lime, cucumber, Thai basil

double fried tofu nuggets

My favorite dish turned out to be the double fried tofu nuggets. Maybe I should visit the vegetarian Erven restaurant.

Rest Ya Throat


Are you starting to feel the tickle of flu season? I got a cold toddy for ya! The Rest Ya Throat will be a cure all for the common cold. Hey, I’m not a doctor. I’m just kidding. But it’s a good drink to have while eating.

Rest Ya Throat – chamomile-infused Dewars Scotch whisky, Becherovka, lime, ginger juice, ginger beer

striped bass


I also tried out the striped bass. This was surprisingly meaty for a fish dish.

skirt steak


Where’s the beef? Right here! The skirt steak was tender and I’m coming back for the food at the Venue. But remember, they do have some fancy karaoke (noraebang) rooms, too. You can certainly drink, eat and sing here for all the fun.


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