Beverly Hills: Steak and Whiskey at Ocean Prime



My friends always want to know where to get a good steak. So I felt it was my duty to check out all the new hot spots for a good hunk of meat plus copious amounts of whiskey. First up was a night out at Ocean Prime in Beverly Hills.

I ordered a Manhattan and although it was shaken, it wasn’t over-diluted (I generally prefer my Manhattans stirred). This will put hair on your chest.

seafood Cobb salad

I shared everything with a friend including the Seafood Cobb salad. The restaurant was nice enough to split the plates in the kitchen.

The seafood was very fresh and very tasty.

Blood orange old fashioned

I also tried the blood orange old fashioned. This was good. It wasn’t too sweet.

Blood Orange Old Fashioned – Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel (private selection) whiskey, blood orange puree, honey, whiskey barrel-aged bitters



We chose the 12 oz ribye with Bernaise sauce. I would have liked for this to be bone-in but the only steak with a bone was the filet mignon and I rather have a ribeye cut. I asked for medium rare and it was cooked to our expectation. Generally I don’t need much sauce and the steak was quite flavorful on its own.



We got fries and creamed spinach as our sides. The fries are doused with cheese and the creamed spinach also had quite a bit of cheese as well. In retrospect, I would have gotten a baked potato and mushrooms to save my poor lactose intolerant stomach. But I don’t regret it nor do I let being lactose intolerant stop me from eating dairy.

spiced tequila cocktail


My friend had the spiced tequila cocktail. It’s a spicy margarita variation but instead of triple sec, there’s the spicy simple and orange flavored bitters.

Spiced Tequila Cocktail – Maestro Dobel Diamonte tequila, picante-infused simple syrup, lemon, Regan’s orange bitters

chocolate peanut butter cake


For dessert, Ocean Prime is known for a couple of different things. A passing server said we had to get either the carrot cake or the chocolate peanut butter cake. Since I hate carrots, it was a good thing we got the chocolate peanut butter cake. It was ooey gooey good.

Ocean Prime has great lunch specials. But I liked the dark sexy vibe of the restaurant at night. We had the booth in the back where we could see the open kitchen and the grand expanse of the restaurant.

Ocean Prime

9595 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90212  —  (310) 859-4818
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