Hollywood: Magic, Asian Eats and Cocktails at Black Rabbit Rose

Drunken Noodles


I checked out Black Rabbit Rose, the Houston brothers’ latest spot in Hollywood a couple of weeks ago. It opened about a month and half ago, taking over the old Butchers and Barbers spot. It’s a magic club with drinks and food from the Crying Tiger window just outside of Black Rabbit Rose.

Currently the cocktail menu is a collaboration between three bar managers at other Houston Brothers spots. Here are some of the drinks I tried.

The first are the Drunken Noodles. Do you love jello shots? Well, what about “noodles” made from tequila and Aperol? We loved the presentation of this “drink” which is served with chopsticks so you can eat and drink this fun concoction.

Drunken Noodles – tequila, Aperol, blood orange, chili salt, luster, Peychaud’s bitters

crispy chicken skin


One of my favorite Thai restaurants is Luv2Eat which serves some of the spiciest food I know. For their Crying Tiger window which has been open for almost a year now, they serve a more pan-Asian menu. When Black Rabbit Rose is closed, you can still order take-out but I rather like eating at the bar.

We ordered a number of snacks including the crispy chicken skin which were so light! It had a great crunch and don’t forget to squeeze on some lime.

Dark Arts


For a magic club, there’s the delightfully named Dark Arts. Sadly it’s not made with Bruichladdich Black Arts scotch whisky but instead it’s vodka that’s been infused with lemongrass. It comes garnished with a lovely white rose petal which is so dramatic against the velvety black drink. The activated charcoal is what gives it its dramatic look.

Dark Arts – lemongrass vodka, aloe, lime, activated charcoal

Pola’s egg rolls


We had watched the magic show (check the website for show dates and times) before getting our grub on. I suspect the performers change all the time but I enjoyed the songs from an songstress who comes from one of the original Magic Castle families. Food is only served in the bar so arrive early or stay later to eat!

There are quite a few snackies including these egg rolls. Next time I’d love to try the lettuce cups.

Smoke and Mirrors


I love a good Negroni and Black Rabbit Rose has a smoked version called Smoke and Mirrors. The drinks are served in both the main bar and in the magic club. In the bar, you get your fortune told with this drink. It was so much fun and a great presentation.

Smoke and Mirrors – gin, Campari, sweet vermouth, smoked hickory, orange zest

shui mai


I liked the shui mai, it’s a hearty snack if you’re keeping to finger foods with drinks.

Zig Zag Lady


A friend got the Zig Zag Lady. I liked it a bit more than him. There is a lot going on with the rum, black currant and spices.

Zig Zag Lady – house blended rum, black currant juice, lime, ginger, Szechuan spice rim, mango candy


green papaya salad with grilled shrimp


It’s probably a good thing the food isn’t quite as spicy as it is at Luv2Eat but it’s still very flavorful and this green papaya salad is absolutely delicious. It’s very fresh and the grilled shrimp feel like an extra treat!

Dove Tail


When I first got to the bar, I decided to try the Dove Tail which is essentially a whiskey sour with two types of whiskey; Irish and Scottish.

Dove Tail – Irish whiskey, Scotch whisky, cassis, egg white, lemon

tamarind orange chicken


I probably would not have ordered orange chicken on my own. But when in Rome… er, Hollywood. Actually, this Crying Tiger version is very good. The chicken was crispy and had that perfect sweet and sour-ish flavor.

Honey Bunny


My drinking buds seemed to like the Honey Bunny best. I am allergic to honeydew so I tried a small sip of this. But I do tend to like spicy agave spirit drinks.

Honey Bunny – mezcal, honeydew, lime, habanero chile tincture

Jade Noodles


The jade (spinach) noodles are a meat lover’s dream. There’s plenty of roasted duck.

crispy rice salad


I surprised myself in liking the crispy rice salad. It’s also not something I would normally order but for some reason I did that night and I’m proud I made that decision. Such intense flavors and textures.

Siamese Twin


Actually, I take that back. I think the group favorite drink was the Siamese Twin with the tumeric-infused cognac and Thai tea. Who doesn’t love condensed milk?

Siamese Twin – tumeric-infused cognac, Thai iced tea, condensed milk, lavender bitters

Crying Tiger window


I had a great time and I’d hang out at the bar again even if I didn’t go watch a show.

Black Rabbit Rose

1719 N Hudson Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90028  —  (323) 461-1464
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