West LA: Going for the Tasting Menu at Kato

fried chicken sandwich


I headed out to the Westside to check out Kato, the new Japanese and Taiwanese inflected tasting menu restaurant. There are a few a la carte items that we added to our tasting menu which is currently $55 for 5 courses. Check their instagram for the latest menu.

They currently do not have a liquor or beer/ wine license. So we got Taiwanese apple soda to “pair” with our meal.

smoked hamachi with charred scallion sauce and cucumber


The first course was the smoked hamachi with this amazing charred scallion sauce and cucumber. We loved this so much and I would come back just for this dish.

crispy rice with mushrooms and egg


Next we had a crispy rice with mushrooms and egg. Once you mix in the soft boiled egg, the whole thing reminded me my childhood. The crispy rice made me think of my grandmother going off with the last bit of crispy rice where she always told us she gave us kids the nice soft part and we didn’t want the “hard” rice. I can see why she kept the good stuff for herself! The crispy rice was a good contrast to the soft egg and slippery mushrooms.

scallops, peas, yuzu


The next course was like a fresh bite of spring with peas and scallops. They’re hidden under the sliced kohlrabi.



Next we had ocean trout with cabbage. My friend thought it had too much cabbage but since I like cabbage, I enjoyed this entire dish.

pork belly bowl


As mentioned, we also ordered a couple of items from their a la carte menu. We got the Taiwanese fried chicken sandwich as well as the pork belly bowl with soy egg. I debated the ikura bowl but opted for the more interesting options. As much as I love ikura, it sounded like it was just ikura and rice.

The fried chicken sandwich was really good. I liked the subtle spice. If Kato was open for lunch this and the pork belly bowl would be best sellers. My friend actually got another pork belly rice to go for her lunch the next day.

buttermilk pudding with rose ice


And the last course of the tasting menu was the fantastically light buttermilk pudding. I loved the rose ice with it as well. It was a soothing way to end our great meal.


Kato Restaurant

11925 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90025–  (424) 535-3041
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