Silver Lake: Dinner at Cafe Stella



After a failed attempt to get into Kismet, we headed up the street to local fan favorite Cafe Stella. I had actually never been to the spot which is often referred to as the most romantic bar in Silver Lake. The snug Cafe Stella does have a fairly well-represented French menu.

After looking over the cocktail list which advised to go to the bar if you wanted something creative, I opted for a simple well-made Manhattan.


Ocean trout


For dinner, my dining companion had the mussels (not shown) which seemed like a great deal as you get a good portion. I had the ocean trout with creamed mustard greens and chanterelles. Often I choose dishes for the sides. It came with competent mashed potatoes but I was a bit sad by the seemingly flavorless chanterelles. Surely they hadn’t been boiled like they tasted? Otherwise, the skin of the ocean trout was very crispy and the fish was very nice.

For dessert we had a chocolate souffle with vanilla ice cream which beats molten lava cake any day.

Perhaps next time I’ll just duck into the bar for these more creative drinks.


Cafe Stella

3932 W Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90029  —  (323) 666-0265
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