Reseda: Peruvian Food at El Incomparable

leche de tigre


I had a Peruvian food craving a couple of months ago and found myself in the Valley. My best friend had heard about El Incomparable from her coworkers who ate there at least once a week. Taking this a good sign, we headed to the land of strip malls and found ourselves at the small storefront.

I promptly ordered leche de tigre though it was the last dish to come out. We enjoyed the tartness of the seafood. My friend could see into the kitchen and noted the lime was freshly squeezed for all the dishes.

cau cau de pollo


She ordered the chicken stew, the cau cau de pollo. It looked and was apparently a bit bland. A hit of the green sauce on the table did the trick.

arroz con mariscos


I ordered arroz con mariscos because I can never get enough seafood. The rice dish is served with squid, mussels and shrimp. I found this dish a bit oily which only got oilier when I added the green sauce. I wished I had asked for some lime wedges.

Overall, I felt we ordered somewhat bland dishes which is not what I think Peruvian food should be. Perhaps I should have gotten the parihuela, my favorite Peruvian seafood soup. Back to Hollywood I go


El Incomparable Peruvian Cuisine

19315 Saticoy St., Los Angeles, CA 91335  —  (818) 585-7506
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