Highland Park: Horse Thief BBQ Pops Up at Good Housekeeping Bar on Wednesdays

ribs from Horse Thief at Good Housekeeping


6/6/17 UPDATE: Horse Thief BBQ has canceled their summer popup. 


Horse Thief BBQ from Grand Central Market is popping up every Wednesday at Good Housekeeping for the rest of the summer until August 30.

I also checked out the new cocktail list from Bar Director Alex Barbatsis and bar manager Lauren Pool.

Honolulu Transfer


There was a time in my early cocktail career where I ordered every Manhattan variation you can think of. I became familiar with the Manhattan Transfer (and all points in New York). But I never thought of ordering anything but whiskey when I got Manhattan variations. Though to be sure, I certainly did drink other spirits and occasionally would be a rum or tequila Manhattan. The Honolulu Transfer is a rum Manhattan. It’s made with the very delicious Plantation pineapple rum.

Honolulu Transfer – Plantation pineapple rum, sweet vermouth, Angostura bitters

Good Housekeeping


I really like Good Housekeeping’s space. It’s very cozy and if you catch it at the right time, the light is gorgeous.

Magic City


(musical interlude)

Magic City Monday –  Young Jeezy

Bitch we ain’t playin’ ’bout that money
We got ’em wrapped up like a mummy
That Presidential lookin’ sunny
Feel like a Magic City Monday


So, do you know about Magic City? It’s a strip club in Atlanta. Oh wait, no, it’s a beautiful drink at Good Housekeeping. Grapefruit is my favorite citrus and oro blanco is my absolute favorite. I’m a bit torn about declaring this my favorite drink from the list though. There are so many good ones but this is definitely top three for me.

Magic City– bourbon, Ancho Reyes chili liqueur, bianco vermouth, oro blanco juice, peach bitters

Banana Boat, Secret of Mana

Good Housekeeping created two drinks to go with the BBQ. Each month the bar will feature a different spirits partner. They partnered with Angostura in May. If you get hit with the post- Memorial Day weekend blues, get these drinks on Wednesday, May 31!

Banana Boat – Angostura 5 year rum, banana liqueur, Angostura bitters

Secret of Mana – housemade secret Jasper’s mix (Angostura di Amari, lime, sugar, shhhhh), Angostura white oak rum, Angostura bitters

Fashionably Date

The great thing about California produce and being inspired by farmers markets are all the creative drinks we get to enjoy. I appreciated the pun of the name, the Fashionably Date. I can see this drink being a year-round favorite. Maybe even with a dash of all spice dram in the fall or winter?

Fashionably Date – bourbon, date syrup, Angostura bitters

Tears Dry On Their Own


Some of the names of the drinks are so fantastic. I’m always in love with an aptly named cocktail. And “Tears Dry on their Own” is just so damn good. And the drink lives up to its poetic name. A little rye and mezcal never hurts anyone. Good Housekeeping has two amari mixes. This one features their mix #1.

Tears Dry On Their Own – mezcal, rye whiskey, amari mix, bianco vermouth

Los Angeles Sour


I do love a good sour drink. Here’s Alex’s ode to LA with his Los Angeles sour. It’s a nice mix of whiskey and peach liqueur with frothy egg white.

Los Angeles Sour – bourbon, peach liqueur, bianco vermouth, egg white, habanero bitters


All My Exes Live in Texas

I almost want to date one (well, at least two) guys from Texas so I can order this drink, “All My Exes Live in Texas” and tell a funny-weird-only-can-happen-to-Minty story but alas, all my exes are from Chicago.

This is in my top three of the drinks on the list. It’s a solid cocktail of gin and sherry along with their amari mix #2.

All My Exes Live in Texas – gin, sherry, amari mix #2, orange bitters


pulled pork sliders


I really enjoyed both the ribs and the pulled pork sliders this night. The Texas dry rubbed meats can be enhanced with the tangy BBQ sauce though I thought everything was well-flavored.


Down Under


Lauren mentioned being inspired by Trinidad Sours when she came up with this drink. I loved it oh so very much. It’s my kind of drink- refreshing and a bit bitter.

Down Under – Underberg, Diplomatico rum, orgeat, lemon

Good Housekeeping also had some other drinks I didn’t try. I always like a good Corn n’ Oil and their Sazarac 50/50 sounds intriguing. It won’t be a hardship to go back on another Wednesday or any other night to check these out and maybe grab another Los Angeles Sour or Magic City.


Horse Thief BBQ, Every Wednesday Until August 30

Good Housekeeping (behind Cafe Birdie)

5631 N Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90042  —  (323) 739-6928
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