DTLA: Late Night Sushi at Izakaya Gazen

7-piece with Japanese pickles roll


After wandering from the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles over to Little Tokyo, we decided to get some sushi after a beer flight at nearby Mumford Brewing. We landed at Izakaya Gazen which graciously allowed us in for a late night sushi treat. Quite a few restaurants in Little Tokyo were already doing last call at 9 p.m.

The menu is fairly easy but I’m always stricken about what to order at a new (to me) restaurant. I knew I wanted sushi but how much sushi is enough?

I settled for the 7-piece nigiri combo. Our server explained the higher priced sets include more premium cuts of fish and also better rolls. Since I got the middle of road set, my roll was made with Japanese pickles. But you know what? It’s still delicious. And I marveled how great the sushi rice tasted.

Jidori chicken wings


The lightly crispy Jidori chicken wings were really juicy. I did have to sprinkle on some togarashi for extra flavor.

omelet fried rice


My friend got the omelet fried rice since he noticed there were at least three other omelet dishes. I love Japanese “omu” rice. And this one was the one over fried rice. Really great gravy. Watch out for those chili tendrils though, they get spicy if you eat a lot of them at once.

I’ll have to swing back around to Izakaya Gazen for lunch. The soup noodles look good. And I would love to sit at the sushi bar next time.

Izakaya Gazen

362 E 1st St., Los Angeles, CA 90012  —  (213) 613-1415
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