Orlando: The Best Tacos at Black Rooster Taqueria

pork fat taco


On my first night in Orlando, we hit up Black Rooster Taqueria.

It’s located in the Mills 50 area of Orlando which is described as the trendy part of town.



For four adults and a child, we sure did order a lot but I tend to have the philosophy that I might not be back anytime soon so I want to try as much of the menu as possible. So we started with a little guacamole and hit every section of the menu.

shrimp ceviche


We also got the shrimp ceviche as an appetizer.

kale salad


Even though I generally like all my meals to be balanced, I don’t necessarily need veggies when having Mexican food. So I didn’t need the kale salad but we got it anyway. It was a nice version.



I love posole and was really torn about getting just tacos or just posole. Friends convinced me we can do both. This was full of pork.

Black Rooster asada taco (beef)


We got the Black Rooster asada (over the regular carne asada). The Black Rooster one adds bacon and cheese to the taco. It’s delicious. And if you really want a high fat content taco, get the pork fat taco (pictured above).

achiote pork taco


I really also liked the achiote pork taco. I probably could have also tried the fish and chicken tinga but we were so full from all the goodies earlier in the night.

tres leches cake


And yet we had dessert. The tres leches cake was just how it should be- very moist.

chocolate chipotle flan


My favorite though was the chocolate chipotle flan with peanut butter and berry sauce that was almost like a mousse. I imagine if Elvis was still alive today, he’d go for this dessert.

This was my third trip to Orlando and I really enjoy finding these great gems around town.

Black Rooster Taqueria

1323 N Mills Ave., Orlando, FL 32803  —  (407) 601-0994

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