Orlando: Noodles at Pho 88

pho dac biet



After a few days away from Los Angeles, I have to reset my meal clock and grab a bowl of noodles. I was heading out to the Mills 50 area in Orlando and we decided to stop in at Pho 88.

Usually pho or really any bowl of noodles is my comfort food. So I got my tried and true combo, the pho dac biet which is basically a revved up beef noodle soup. This one came with meatballs, brisket and tripe.

The soup was a bit cloudy but there was so much meat. I gave up after a while. I just could not finish my meal.

This location seemed rather popular with locals though perhaps not all understood what to do with the bean sprouts and not to play with chopsticks. I felt bad for the harassed staff and hope serving an unappreciative audience was worth it. I counted mostly fried rice orders.

Pho 88 

730 N Mills Ave., Orlando, FL 32803  —  (407) 897-3488

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