SF: Snacks and Drinks at Lazy Bear

The Michael Corleon


On my last trip to San Francisco, I visited a truly fun place called Lazy Bear. It’s a tasting menu sort of restaurant but if you know the right people, you can head upstairs for drinks.

After some bubbles, we ordered a few cocktails. I had the Michael Corleon which was like a warm whisky hug.

The Michael Corleon – Islay scotch whisky, housemade amaretto, noyaux oils


Stalk Market


My friend tried their martini variation, the Stalk Market. I thought it was a perfect savory drink.

Stalk Market – fino sherry, gin, chamomile, vermouth, pickling liquid, celery


pork cheeks


Then the kitchen sent over a dish the diners were enjoying downstairs. The pork cheeks were simply amazing and the best pork cheeks I ever had. They were so tender and delicious. I was really sad when my two and half bites were done. I had secretly wished my friend wouldn’t want to share the last bite but of course he did. I started thinking $195 (without booze!) wasn’t that much if the restaurant serves 15+ courses (ahaha).

Blueberry Hill

Next we had a few fruity drinks. The Blueberry Hill’s corn whiskey was smoothed out by the blueberry liqueur.

Blueberry Hill – corn whiskey, rainwater madeira, house creme de myrtille, Gran Classico

With a Cherry on Top


With a Cherry on Top was a great name for a drink and came beautifully garnished with a Brooks cherry. The navy strength gin was tamed by the grapefruit wine but also went well with the pear brandy. This is a fruity drink I can get behind.

With a Cherry on Top – navy strength gin, grapefruit wine, pear brandy, Brooks cherry





As we were preparing to go, the kitchen was again kind enough to send out the cute mignardises including their house made gummy bears and a couple of boozy coffee drinks.

after dinner coffee drinks


I loved that the boozy coffee drinks were served in little lab glasses.

Lazy Bear was easily my favorite spot on this trip.


Lazy Bear

3416 19th St., San Francisco, CA 94110  —  (415) 874-9921

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