Mid-City: The Vestry at Tom Bergin’s



My ears perk up whenever I hear about new whiskey bars. I was invited to check out The Vestry when it opened a few months back. It’s located above Tom Bergin’s.

Hands off the barmaid


The Vestry is a membership based bar. You can purchase either 6 month or 1-year memberships with a special founding member membership fee. Membership gets you access to their large American whiskey collection.

cool decor


What I liked about the Vestry are all the details in the decor including the above barmaid sign and the custom chairs. If you’re a fan of secret bars or bars like Bar Jackalope at Seven Grand, this could be a fun place for you.

Besides, it’s an easy bar crawl if you can just hop upstairs from the always perfect neighborhood spot, Tom Bergin’s.

The Vestry at Tom Bergin’s

840 S Fairfax Ave.,  Los Angeles, CA 90036  —  (323) 936-7151
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