Mid-City: Brunch at COD

Red Snapper (Bloody Mary with Calwise gin)


COD or Catch of the Day restaurant brings fresh seafood and colorful drinks to West Third. The newish Mid-city restaurant has an upstairs patio, something its neighbors lack. You’ll find lively evening entertainment on weekends here as well.



spicy tuna crispy rice


We started out with some appetizers including spicy tuna crispy rice. These were great as you can taste the butter used to make the rice crispy.

halibut carpaccio


I also enjoyed the very fresh halibut carpaccio. And I didn’t feel guilty at all eating seafood while admiring the huge fish mural in the dining room.

Technicolor Dream


Butterfly pea tea is a hot ingredient now to change the color of drinks. It’ll turn colors as you add lemon (or citrus) to the drink.

Technicolor Dream – vodka, color changing tea

I also tried the Bloody Mary but I asked for it to be made with gin so that made it a Red Snapper. I just discovered Calwise Spirits recently at WSWA and I liked their gin in Red Snapper.


braised beef cheeks Benedict

The table really went for the braised beef cheeks Benedict.


lobster roll


Another crowd fave was the lobster roll.




truffle uni pasta


The truffle uni pasta has become the restaurant signature with good reason. The rich uni sauce and the perfect noodles speak for themselves.


seafood fried rice


Another filling carb that we enjoyed was the seafood fried rice. The rice was perfectly separated with nice bites of shrimp.

COD lychee martini


COD is very proud of their lychee martini. I’ve moved a bit past those late 90s years where I was imbibing such things but for this brunch, I allowed my (self-proclaimed) whiskey snobby self to to enjoy the throwback drink.

COD lychee martini – vodka, yuzu, lychee


COD Restaurant

8408 W 3rd St., Los Angeles, CA 90048  —  (323) 658-9188

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