Koreatown: Tofu Soup at Seong Buk Dong

beef and seafood soon dobu


What do you do when you’re in Koreatown? Eat Korean food! After having a cocktail or two down the street at the Normandie Club, we wanted something nummy and warm. I did a quick search for tofu soup, my beloved soon dobu, and found Seong Buk Dong. I thought it was related to SKD in Little Tokyo but after eating dinner there, I think they’re quite different. Besides the fact the names are different. SKD stands for So Kong Dong and their original location seems to have disappeared from Ktown…

In any case, the shop is quite small and if you should happen to need to use the restroom, you go through the kitchen and marvel along the way how they can crank out all the food they were doing for the restaurant and the busy take-out orders they were slammed with.

The server got our orders mixed up and instead of medium spice, I ended up with the lightest of all spicy soups while my friend had NO spice at all. He ended up giving us chopped jalepenos which I dumped a few in just to get some spice going. I can’t do super spicy but I like some kick!

I could have used a bit more seafood in my soup but I always think that. I was bummed out they were out of brown (aka purple) rice but magically I got a bowl of it. However I never got my refill — they were too pre-occupied by the crazy delivery orders that were coming in.


seafood pajeon


We decided to get the seafood pajeon. I felt our pancake was burnt though it was too bad. Still, I’ve had better. And expected this to be very good since it was $20…




At least the banchan was quite varied and interesting. They did give me lots more kimchi when I asked.

I might have to go on a soon dobu hunt or revisit Beverly Soon again.

Seong Buk Dong

3303 W 6th St., Los Angeles, CA 90020  —  (213) 738-8977

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