Irvine: Cuban Restaurant Habana is Now Open



Habana recently opened its newest location in Irvine. Habana is a mini Orange County restaurant empire. This was the first time I’ve gone to one and I went for a party. The few bites I tried made me wish it was much closer (please open a location in Los Angeles, thank you!!).

The party had a ton of food including a lovely raw bar (oysters, shrimp…mmm!) and a whole roasted pig (lechon). You got to try pork four ways including its crispy skin.




As you could imagine, the mojitos were very popular. I was pleasantly surprised to find they were quite quaffable and not at all sweet.



The first time I had a Cuban sandwich aka Cubano, I was in love. Maybe it’s all the meat or the great bread but I prefer to think it’s magic. Habana makes an outstanding one. And after having their lechon, I am convinced all their pork dishes would be equally tasty.


Cuban-style beer


I tried a Cuban style beer (brewed in the States) and enjoyed it quite a bit. This ale would go great with the paella (not shown).

dessert at Habana


I didn’t think I would enjoy the fruit tart as much as I did. That crust! I imagine there was a generous bit of butter in it.

If Habana doesn’t open in LA, I guess I’m making that trek down south again for some of the best Cuban food I’ve had since I was last in Miami.


708 Spectrum Center Dr., Irvine, CA 92618  —  (949) 419-0100
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