Chicago: Mussels and Beer at Centennial



Back in 2013, I had these amazing mussels at Hopleaf in Chicago. When I was making my list I decided to see if I should revisit Hopleaf but then heard the chef was now at Centennial. Luckily the beer hall was right by our hotel so we headed there our first night in Chicago.

These are PEI (Prince Edward Island) mussels with curried sausage. Ugh, so good! I knew this was the right choice to start our first night which turned into a rainy summer night. Seafood is my comfort food.


beer for two


My friend and I tried their beer of the month. This month was from Off Color Brewing. We got the Whiner Miaou and Off Color Troublesome. These were nice beers with our meal.

beer cheese


My friend really wanted to try the beer cheese. Paired with house made chips, these were great to snack on while we waited for our food.

pork shank


The pork shank was the first of many toothy meals we would have over the weekend. Despite being walking distance of our hotel (and mini fridge), we ate ALL OF IT. I honestly didn’t think we had the capacity because this pork shank was endless amounts of meat. We kept digging, eating, digging, eating, flipped it over, eating, eating some more. And eventually we even ate the Brussels sprouts as well.

It’s funny, I love beer hall food and have enjoyed a few places around the country but have yet to find something like that in LA. Sure, we have beer spots with burgers but where’s this really good, not fussy, farm to table stuff?


Centennial Crafted Beer and Eatery

733 N LaSalle Dr., Chicago, IL 60654  — (312) 284-5353

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