Chicago: Breakfast at Yolk Or How I Had to Leave Eataly

The Works omlet


I’ve been hearing about Eataly forever and was very excited to check out the fancy food hall in Chicago (the Los Angeles one wasn’t open yet at this point). It was also right by our hotel so it seemed like a great choice for breakfast. Sadly they were out of breakfast sandwiches at 10:30 a.m. After waiting in line for about 10-12 minutes, we discovered they were out of sandwiches and the staff was unwilling to start serving lunch sandwiches. Okay, I get that maybe you don’t want to start lunch service early but you could have announced this to the line of people waiting for breakfast sandwiches. I didn’t care to have pastries and I don’t drink coffee so we (really, me– my friend would have probably attacked the Nutella bar), stormed off.

And headed to Yolk where there was a tremendous line but we still got in fairly quickly and had honest to goodness food with warm service. Unlike the surly service we had at Eataly where the counter guy complained to me how they were mobbed because of the big concert in town.

I was starving at this point and thought the Works omlet with bacon, sausage, ham, onion, tomato, cheddar sounded great. To be healthy, I added spinach to it. It was to counter the cheesy grits I got with the omlet. Sure, sure, keep telling yourself that, Minty.

countryside skillet


My friend had the countryside skillet and wished she could send her leftovers to her kids in LA. We really had so much food. I felt bad for not taking our leftovers but we had museums to visit!

PS- Eataly, I will see you in LA.


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