Chicago: Redemption at Eataly with Oysters

half dozen of oysters



Last year I attempted to have breakfast at Eataly in Chicago. I left in a huff because they had sold out of breakfast and refused to start lunch service early. This year while in Chicago, I discovered my hotel was a block away from Eataly. And I reasoned since I forgave them for a far larger problem, I could perhaps attempt to eat there again.

I wandered upstairs and did a cursory look around the stuff for sale. I could buy some ready to eat stuff and go back to the hotel since I was so tired?

Nah, I wanted a drink and a proper meal… with oysters!

I sat down at the counter and ordered a half dozen of oysters right away. I’m the sort that never specifies the oysters. I like surprises. And I don’t have a favorite coast for oysters either. And since I was in the middle of the country, I didn’t feel like I had to pledge allegiance to the best coast (well, the West Coast IS the best coast but that’s something to debate another day).

In any case, these were good. Not too briny and went well with my aperitivo.

White Negroni


I had ordered a White Negroni which is on the menu. It came straight away and I savored it.

tagliatelle al nero allo scoglio


After discussing it with the server, I choce to get the tagliatelle al nero allo scoglio, the squid ink pasta with seafood. I had thought about one of the daily specials but decided I was in need of some comfort food after a massive traffic day filled with delays and canceled flights.

The pasta was sadly overcooked but it was an off day for Eataly as well. Their credit card machines were down. I later found out it was one particular processor and it was down for 60% of the country. Ah well. Still, soggy pasta is not my favorite.



I had also ordered greens because hi, it’s the Minty and she wants veggies at all meals. This I had to remind my server when they never came. Eventually she apologized for spacing the order. These were fine. I probably could have done better buying a bunch of chard and attempting a raw salad in my hotel room with limited seasoning.

Okay, Eataly. I forgive you yet again. But do better next time I visit, please.


Eataly – Chicago

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