Century City: Pizza at Eataly

pizza at Eataly


Eataly in Los Angeles opened right around the time when one of the owners, chef Mario Batali, was accused of sexual misconduct and assault. I decided I had to avoid it and felt weird every time I saw someone go and rave about something. Yes, he’s not physically there hitting on women but he got a cut of the profits and I wasn’t okay with that.

Then it was announced he was selling his part of the business. Aha, I could go to Eataly now.

Although I am still a tiny bit peeved from last summer when I couldn’t get a sandwich at the Eataly in Chicago (I plan to conquer them this summer).

Italian soda


This Eataly is smaller than the Chicago one. However, it’s packed with a lot of great stuff. I plan to go to chef Michael Cimurusti’s seafood spot some other time. On this day, we just grabbed a couple of Roman style pizza.

This pizza is puffier and more bread like than my preferred thin crust. It’s ready to go though they do warm it up a bit. We chose the cured meats one with olives and artichoke hearts as well as the mushroom one. I have fairly simple pizza toppings taste- sausage or mushroom. But occasionally I stray when I see things like olives and artichoke hearts- sign me up!

I’m into design and loved the packaging on the Italian sodas we tried. The bitter one reminded me of a non-alcoholic Americano (Campari and soda). Or I suppose you could think of it as a non-alcoholic Aperol spritz.

I also liked looking in the grappa and liqueur (aka Italian amari) section. There were even a few California spirits and vermouths.

I lucked out on parking and we didn’t wait at all for our food even during the weekend rush so it was a good day.


Eataly at the Century City Mall

10250 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90067  —   (213) 310-8000

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