The Minty’s Tequila Tuesday Spotlight: Siete Leguas

Tahona Old Fashioned


About ten years ago, a bartender told me his favorite tequila was Siete Leguas. I’ve kept an eye out for this tequila ever since. Recently there was an event featuring Siete Leguas at Faith and Flower. I went to check out the cocktails.

I thought the Tahona Old Fashioned was really interesting with the lime oil-infused Grand Marnier. It’s like an updated margarita except very well-heeled. Quite classy.

Tahona Old Fashioned – Siete Leguas anejo tequila, lime oil-infused Grand Marnier, bitters, Maldon salt

Highland Spritz


I’m glad the spritz trend has hit tequila. The Highland Spritz reminded me a bit of an adult and yes, here I use the word classy again, paloma. Dimmi is an Italian grappa. Surprisingly it’s not as boozy as you think this spritz would be considering the tequila and grappa.

Highland Spritz – Siete Leguas reposado tequila, Dimmi Grappa, lemon, orange bitters

Italian Stallion


I also tried the Italian Stallion which went down very easily when backed with Aperol and honey.

Italian Stallion – Siete Leguas blanco tequila, Aperol, honey, lime

If you can find this great tequila, I would recommend it neat or in a fancy cocktail. It’s just so extra.

Siete Leguas

Faith & Flower

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