Chicago: Bar Crawl Through Logan Square Including: Scofflaw, Lost Lake and Billy Sunday

New World Postcard – Scofflaw


I’ve been hearing about Scofflaw for years but just made it in earlier last month when I was in Chicago. It’s been on the top of my Chicago bar list to try for a while.

We headed over after dinner at Parson’s Chicken and Fish. Scofflaw had just changed the menu. I decided to try the New World Postcard. I can never turn down a genever drink.

New World Postcard – Boosma oude genever, Braulio, Dolin Genepy, Dolin dry vermouth, mint, red clover bitters

Cool Hand at Scofflaw


My friend had the Cool Hand. I loved the pretty etched Nick and Nora glass.

Cool Hand – Evan Williams bonded bourbon, peche de vigne liqueur, Yellow Chartreuse, Carpano dry vermouth

Both cocktails were well made and I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere. Our server was very friendly. I can see how this is a special neighborhood bar.



3201 W Armitage Ave.,Chicago, IL 60647  —  (773) 252-9700

Lost Lake Chicago


Lost Lake is one of my favorite tiki bars in the country. After a drink at Scofflaw, we hit up Lost Lake for a quickie. Though things are never quick at a tiki bar. You have to soak in the atmosphere. And savor those drinks.

My friend had the banana daiquiri which I enjoyed last year. But I was a bit sad to discover this blind banana dolphin that didn’t even have a cherry in its mouth. The dolphin lost out on the garnish wars this night.

I love that menu is illustrated with the drinks vessels. I knew I wanted the No Bye/ No Aloha drink based on the mug. And luckily it was good. I was a bit unsure at first of the absinthe, gin, rum and sherry combo but it was expertly made.

Bunny’s Banana Daiquiri – Jamaican rum, overproof demerara rum, spiced rum, banana, coconut, lime

No Bye/ No Aloha – London dry gin, aged Jamaican rum, Olorosso sherry, absinthe orgeat, falernum, ginger, passionfruit, lemon, Angostura bitters

Lost Lake

3154 W Diversey, Chicago, IL 60647  —  (773) 293-6048


90s night at Billy Sunday

I’m currently on a massive amaro research project and when I went last year to Billy Sunday, I remembered not only did I have a great time, they had a lot of vintage amari.

We came in while they were doing a 90s night. They were switching over the menu pretty soon so they encouraged us to order throwback drinks like housemade Zima and jello shots.

The Zima didn’t taste like anything I remembered but I had a good time recounting the time I went to Catalina and the only grocery store on the island open late at night sold only beer and wine so we grabbed a couple of six-packs of Zima and watched re-runs of Dukes of Hazard. Yeehaw! My friend liked his Sex on the Beach.

Sex on the Beach – peach, pineapple, minus the sand

Zima – housemade

Billy Sunday

I’ve had more appletinis and comos than I care to admit. It was fun to try these elevated versions. I still want to know what immature brandy is but I suspect an eau di vie, probably unaged. And the other spirit I’ve been drinking a lot of lately is pisco. Why not make a Cosmo with pisco? This was a tasty one.


Appletini – green apple, immature brandy, apple brandy

Cosmopolitan – pisco, house cranberry, orange, lime

Billy Sunday


I had so much fun at Billy Sunday and I’m glad they’re doing theme nights. I was very nostalgic over the 90s since I started drinking during that decade and ran around Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. I was also that Cahuenga club kid so all these drinks were so familiar. The only thing missing from this list was a Tokyo Tea!

We ended the night with more jello shots and this Corpse Reviver #Blue… a joke since there are various Corpse Revivers (the most common one is the #2 so the #Blue is a play on that one).

Corpse Reviver #Blue – gin, blue curacao, lemon

Billy Sunday

3143 W Logan Blvd., Chicago, IL 60647  —   (773) 661-2485
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