DTLA: The Kindness of Little Damage

Cone from Little Damage- Unicorn Tears, Matcha 420, Almond Butter & Jelly


Oh my goodness, I fell down the Instagram food hole again and ended up at Little Damage. I’ve seen this VERY INSTAGRAM FRIENDLY shop all over my feed during the summer when people lined up for hours for a taste of the shop’s best known flavor (color?)- black ice cream with a black waffle cone. SO GOTH!

One day I walked by and saw there was no one there. I got lunch and walked by again an hour later and there was still no one there. Well, I took it to be a sign I should at least try it before waving about with snippy comments about millennials and their black ice cream cones.

I didn’t even try samples.

I just ordered the three flavors (colors?) that weren’t black. But I did get the charcoal cone. Unicorn tears (blue) is their birthday cake flavor- so vanilla. Matcha 420 does not contain anything to make you high. They said the 420 was a joke. It tasted like bitter green tea so score one for matcha being true to flavor. Then I got to the purple flavor aka almond butter and jelly. Aw hell, it was my favorite flavor. And it was vegan.

Am I turning into an food ‘grammer yet?

Now I could end here but as it turns out, Little Damage actually does care about its shop and customers. I was inside taking pics (well, yeah) and my friend was outside taking pics of her cone over the cheerfully spraypainted ready-for-instagram circles with sayings like “I love fashion,” “Hello, Gorgeous” and my favorite, “you are here” when her cone toppled over and it all went splat. Oooops!!

Little Damage immediately replaced her cone, blamed it on the crumbly cone construction and washed off the sidewalk.

I’m sure it’s not the first time that’s happened nor will it be the last but it was very nice and kind of them to replace the cone.

So yeah, go support this DTLA soft serve shop. I actually liked my cone and left with a good feeling about it.

(But I’m not waiting in line for it- just to be clear.)

Little Damage

700 S Spring St., Los Angeles, CA 90014  —  (213) 534-8363
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