DTLA: Soft Serve at Bae in Little Tokyo

so goth


I’ve eyed Bae about a year before I finally went in recently. It’s a soft serve shop in Little Tokyo in Downtown Los Angeles. Like Little Damage, they have brightly colored ice cream as well as the “goth” ones.

We tried a couple of flavors in a cone. Although you may think I chose black and gray colored soft serve because they look great together, I actually wanted to try the flavors. the light gray one is Earl Grey tea. It didn’t taste very much like Earl Grey. It needed that magical bergamot flavor to pull that off but it was nice. I liked the charcoal pineapple very much though.


toppings selection



We skipped the Instagram-friendly cone and toppings but I was happy with our choices. If there isn’t a line, I’d go for the other flavors next time. Maybe I’ll go rainbow goth next time!



369 E 2nd St., Los Angeles, CA 90012  


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