SGV: Xiao Long Bao and Beef Noodle Soup at ShanDong Dumplings

handmade dumplings


It may be the last day of my current Chinese Food week but Chinese food is forever. I can eat dumplings and noodles any time and if that means two days in a row, let’s go! After I checked out Mr. Dragon, I went to ShanDong the next day.

Tucked into the Hilton plaza in San Gabriel, ShanDong is the epitome of a small family business. It’s a true mom and pop shop where you can see everyone making the dumplings next to the cold appetizers case.

appetizer trio; tofu, potato and seaweed


Speaking of which, I went over to the cold apps case and pickd out the shredded tofu, potato and seaweed. We liked all of them but the tofu was particularly good.

scallion pancake


I am very neutral about scallion pancakes. I rather have beef rolls but I was with a couple of others and so we (okay, me) restrained from ordering too much. I’m glad we tried the pancake though because this wasn’t too greasy.

camera didn’t eat first


Sadly the camera didn’t eat first for this pic so you actually get eight juicy soup dumplings in an order. We went for pork and crab because FAVE combo! I thought these were well made and well, they are very fresh!

lamb and fennel dumplings


We also chose the lamb and fennel dumplings. These boiled dumplings were wild! The fennel really came through and covered up any gaminess of the lamb — though I don’t think the lamb was gamy at all.

niu rou mian


But my favorite dish was the beef noodle soup. The niu rou mian was so delicate and I enjoyed the thin slices of beef. Since I was just at Mr. Dragon, I couldn’t help but compare the two bowls. The noodles at ShanDong were much better. They were al dente and had a nice chew.

I’ll be back but first to Yin Ji Chang Fun the Chinese rice rolls (cheung fun) shop in the same plaza!

ShanDong Dumplings

227 W Valley Blvd., San Gabriel, CA 91776  —  (626) 308-3777


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