SGV: Chinese Rice Rolls at Yin Ji Chang Fun

shrimp rice rolls with egg


Over the summer, I visited ShanDong dumplings and spotted a new rice rolls restaurant opening in the same plaza. I headed back recently to check it out.

Chinese rice rolls or cheung fun (in Cantonese) are a favorite dim sum item. I have now seen more spots offering rice rolls at wonton and porridge (congee/ jook) shops like Mr. Champion. It was there and Auntie Ping Kitchen that I noticed the addition of egg to the rolls.

I’ve heard of rice rolls described as Chinese manicotti. Usually they are stuffed with a variety of proteins. I personally am a fan of shrimp.



We also got porridge since I was on a rice soup kick over the last few months. This pork and preserved egg one was filling and I liked the Chinese doughnuts that should be dunked in for the full experience.


pork rice rolls


While I liked the shrimp one, I really enjoyed the pork one. This was very tasty. I was looking at the decor and it seems this is the American outpost of a popular chain in China. They’re from Guangdong (formerly spelled Canton).

beef stew rice rolls


While we could have left it at two dishes of rolls and the porridge, we decided to get one more dish. The beef stew was on special that day. I’m so glad we got it. This was the best version of the rolls (even though I like the proteins stuffed into rolls more)… Otherwise, this seems like meat on really fat noodles.

I like Mr. Champion more for rice rolls but Yi Ji Chang Fun is a fun addition to the weekend lunch lineup.


Yi Ji Chang Fun

227 W Valley Blvd., Ste 118-A, San Gabriel, CA 91776  —  (213) 503-3511


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