SGV: Cantonese Breakfast at Mr. Champion

shrimp rice rolls


One day I was looking for Chinese breakfast that wasn’t dim sum. I came across Mr. Champion in Arcadia which is located in the San Gabriel Valley. With six or seven options for cheung fun, aka rice rolls, I knew I found the right spot. I love how you can custom the rolls to your liking. I generally get shrimp rolls so that’s what I went with. Usually cheung fun is stuffed with delicious bits. At Mr. Champion, they’re topped. I did add egg and green onions to the rolls which were cooked into the rolls.


beef brisket and honeycomb tripe lo mein


Although there were only two of us, I ordered a slew of things because my philosophy is: leftovers are great.

Also, I don’t know when I’ll be back and I rather try a lot of things at once to find a favorite.

So I also proceeded to order the beef brisket and honeycomb tripe lo mein. Lo mein was served with a cup of broth. I liked the gravy and I’m a fan of tripe and tendon but I found the tendon to be fairly tough. Perhaps more braising for the tendon!

orange chicken


My friend wanted to try the orange chicken. Mr. Champion also has orange beef. I tried one piece. The chicken was nicely battered and had a fresh-tasting orange sauce. It’s not my Chinese comfort food but I can see Chinese American food enthusiasts embracing this version.


wonton soup


I am always on the hunt for good wontons. I’ll try them whenever I encounter them. I tend to like the shrimp based ones rather than the pork ones. If pork is your jam, these are great.

pork and preserved egg congee


I almost didn’t order porridge. My friend reminded me I wanted it. Also known as jook or congee, I got the pork and preserved egg bowl. I loved how tender the pork was. I could have used more preserved egg but I’m a fiend for preserved (also known as century or 100 or even 1000 year old eggs).

I see myself returning for more rice rolls and noodle dishes.



Mr. Champion

168 Las Tunas Dr., Ste 107, Arcadia, CA 91007  —  (626) 538-4938


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